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Tereza Blahoutová

Tilman Abresch

Tilman works at the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues in Berlin. Here he develops and implements educational programmes on climate protection and energy saving in schools. In addition to projects with German municipalities, there are joint projects especially with NGOs and schools in Southern and Eastern European countries. When not working, he is busy building a tiny house. He holds degrees in Physics and Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.

 Klára Bulantová

Vivien Bensch

Vivien was born and raised in Berlin and still enjoys living there. Her huge interest in energy supply, trading and politics was already showing off during studying. After finishing university with a Bachelor´s degree she started her first job in the energy trading department of GASAG AG, a German energy supplier. Being responsible for daily business of the power balancing groups, f. e. validating and improving short term forecasts, she also joined a working group concerning energy politics. In 2018 she decided it´s time for some change and started a new job at 50Hertz Transmission, a Germin grid operator, in September 2018 – first as application manager in the IT department and since August 2019 in the department of system operator, metering point operator and balance responsible party.

Mark Alexander Friedrich

Karolína Dvořáková

Karolína is a sustainability consultant with focus on architecture, construction and urban planning. She is a co-founder of ZERO Architecture, an architectural studio and consultancy company specializing in sustainable buildings. In past she worked as a sustainability coordinator in Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development, a development company focusing on residential projects, where her main responsibility was to integrate sustainability principles into company’s operations and projects in Central and Eastern Europe. She is active in the Czech Green Building Council, where she coordinates several work groups, and she also participates in several international projects in the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at CTU in Prague. She obtained her master’s degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

Aleš Gregorovič

Jan Hoferek

Jan is 24 years old and works as a public affairs consultant at CEC Government Relations, specializing in healthcare and ICT regulation. He is currently completing his Masters in Law and Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. He also obtained a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations at the Faculty of Social Science of Charles University and studied at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. Jan has experience in private, non-profit as well as the public sector and is fluent in English and German. His interests include art, literature, history and board games.

Vladimír Hurych

Anna Kutíková

Anna works as UX designer and researcher at the Stride XL company, where she designs meaningful products or services. She helps identify and better understand customers’ needs and highlight the gaps between their needs and our current capabilities. Previously she worked at the based in Prague as a user researcher. She planned and conduct user research, worked with stakeholders and product teams to understand what information about users can help guide their product designs. She studied Industrial Design at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In addition to her main job she also devotes her time to the Breathing Friend project. This is a hand-held device that breaths and help you calm down in intense situations.

Jana Lachmann

Bianca Lipanská

Bianca grew up in Hamburg to Czech parents. Now she is based as a freelance conference interpreter working with German, English and Czech in Prague for cultural institutions, political foundations, organizations linked to Czech-German relations (Goethe-Institut, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, Ahoj! Leipzig to name a few) after having studied translation and interpreting at the University of Leipzig and Charles University Prague. When she is not interpreting or traveling, she enjoys hiking, lindy hop dancing and just started to learn to play the piano.

Alexander Matschke

Martin Marek

Martin is 30 years old and he has been working for the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for 4 years. He studied International Trade on the University of Economics in Prague (Bachelor and Master) and Czech-German Studies on the Charles University in Prague (Bachelor). He studied 3 semesters on German universities in Munich and Regensburg via Erasmus and during that time he worked on a part-time job by the respective Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Apart from his experiences in the network of German Chambers, he has worked for almost 2 years in Germany on a civil engineering project for a Czech company as an economist. In his current position, he works as a consultant for German investors for the Czech market entry and business development.

Fabian Möpert

Jan Sommerfeld

Jan studied law at the Leibniz University in Hannover and the Charles University in Prague. He focused on comparative law, private international law and European Union law. Today he works as an attorney with admission to the bar in Germany and the Czech Republic and a sworn interpreter. He also translates for the Court of Justice of the European Union from the Czech to German language. Besides he teaches future sworn interpreters at the Faculty of Law at the Charles University in Prague. As a member of the DTJV e.V. (Deutsch-Tschechische Juristenvereiniung) advisory board he is supporting the professional exchange between lawyers from Germany and the Czech Republic.

Michael Münch

Lennart Stoy

Lennart is Project Manager in the Research & Innovation Unit of the European University Association, working on EU research policy issues including open science, scholarly publishing, research data and research infrastructures. Between 2014 and 2018, he helped develop the EUA Energy & Environment Platform. Before joining EUA, Lennart interned in the Global Knowledge Sharing and Learning unit of GIZ and at the Sino-German Cultural and Economic Association in Taipei. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Leiden University. Before that he studied East Asian Studies at Ruhr University Bochum and learned Chinese at Tongji University, Shanghai.

Ondřej Pelech

Michal Svoboda

Michal is an electric engineer from Prague, but since 2017 he lives in Nürnberg. He works in automotive industry for a manufacturer of electronic sensors, where he is responsible for the development of technological processes, programming the production machines and digitalisation projects. During his studies at the Czech Technical University he had the opportunity to conduct research visits in Austria and Singapore. He is interested in information technologies, AI and Internet of Things and keep studying these fields by online courses in his free time. He is also passionate about outdoor activities, he plays the violin in a German orchestra and he started with beekeeping recently.

Eva Peterková

Kamila Trojanová

Kamila Trojanová studied Law at the Charles University in Prague and completed her Ph.D. in International Economic Relations at the University of Economics, Prague. Kamila currently works at the European Commission in Brussels. Besides her continuous efforts to cut down her own environmental footprint, she is particularly concerned about the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable and finding solutions on how to align green and social.

Franziska Stölzel

Helena Truchlá

Helena is Prague born and based journalist writing mostly for the online daily newspaper. Her articles also appear in the Czech Hospodarske noviny economic daily and German political magazine Cicero. As a foreign-desk reporter, she focuses mainly on German politics, Czech-German relations, climate and energy issues as well as European affairs. A political scientist by training and history enthusiast of K&K descent (Czech-Hungarian-Croatian-Ukrainian), Helena is interested in topics of collective memory, dealing with the past, and (non)formal history learning. She likes to divide her free time between hiking, travelling, reading and contemplating about life with friends and beer.

Kateřina Šustrová

Veronika Wierer

Veronika manages the European project agency of the Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm. She implements projects, which foster inter-regional cooperation between the neighbouring towns and cities along the Danube. Recently implemented EU-projects focused on sustainable mobility and environmental education. Apart from that she contributes to the organisation of the International Danube Festival with artists, music, dance, literature, exhibitions and a diverse handi-craft and food market. Veronika holds a Master degree in Human Geography and is Almuni of the Bohemicum program. During various internships e.g. at the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Prague she gained practical experience in cross border cooperation. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and outdoor sports.

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