How to Build Resilient Societies In the past few years, we as individuals as well as our communities and societies have been facing multifaceted challenges. The ongoing globalization, various economic crisis, disinformation, rise of populism, climate change, influence from foreign authoritarian actors or lately the Covid-19 pandemic have shaken the very fundaments of the western societies. The stability and basic values are being tested.

How can we cope with the dynamic developments? How can we face these challenges as individuals and society? What can we learn from our past experiences? What will society look like in the future? How can we turn problems into solutions and new benefits? How can we strengthen international cooperation? How do we keep our individual integrity and build up a resilient society?

These and other topical questions will be addressed at the 13th year of the CGYPP. We want to discuss these dynamics and possible answers to today’s challenges in a Czech-German context. Creatively, interactively and critically, with a wide range of political and economic leaders, with leading journalists and experts – and we want to share our insights with the general public.