Do you want to gain new perspectives and become a part of a vibrant Czech-German Network? Are you interested in cross-border and cross-sector cooperation? Are you a young professional with at least three years of working experience and good English skills? Apply for the Czech-German Young Professionals Program 2023!

During the program year, you will be invited to three intense and high-quality units consisting of seminars, on-site visits and team-building activities (4 days each, in Berlin, Prague and other cities) and will become a part of a growing international network of committed and talented people from the Czech Republic and Germany.

Broaden your horizons and meet new inspiring people! Find out more about the network at our webpage and on our Facebook and Instagram.

The deadline for applications is March 1, 2023. Find the application form here.

The program is initiated and financed by the Czech-German Fund for the Future.

Please, find here CGYPP 2023 call poster

What is CGYPP?

Established in 2008, a growing international network of committed and talented people from the Czech Republic and Germany (more than 140 in 2021).

What does CGYPP offer each year?

  • Three intense and high-quality units consisting of seminars, on-site visits, peer-learning and intercultural team-building activities.
  • Interaction with a broad range of distinguished German and Czech experts.
  • The opportunity to develop one’s own initiative or project (podcast).
  • Improvement of presentation, leadership, intercultural and media skills.
  • The stimulus for a future professional career.
  • Membership in a prestigious alumni network.

What is the CGYPP 2023 Topic?

Searching for common ground: sustainable future for democracies

Europe finds itself in a time of multiple challenges. While Europeans were still struggling with the economic aftermath of the Covid pandemic and had to cope with the effects in their societies, there is war again in Europe since February 2022. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is shaking the European peace to its foundations. At the same time, democracies across the world are confronted with China’s greater ambitions and are looking for policies to counter its hostile influence and find ways to break out of economic dependence. The resulting impact on European society, including Czech and German ones, such as inflation, energy crisis and insecurity, is together with affects of climate change an enormous burden. Yet the democratic framework of European societies must cushion these crisis. As the recent elections in Italy demonstrated, the trend of right-wing populist forces gaining strength in Europe is also continuing. Stable and sustainable democracies with strong institutions and resilient societies are therefore the very base for and future perspective and cooperation.

In order to find sustainable perspectives for a common Europe, we must therefore talk about the possibilities of resilient and sustainable democracies. In this context, cross-border dialogues are indispensable. The CGYPP would therefore like to devote itself to these questions in 2023.

What lessons do German and Czech societies as Europeans learn from the past pandemic years?
How can the need for peace be anchored in our societies? What must the democracies of the future look like in order to enable peaceful, fair and secure cohesion in Europe? In three seminars, we would like to focus on the impacts of the crisis on Czech and German democracies and on the necessary conditions for stable democracies in the future.

Where and when will CGYPP take place?

  1. Berlin, 13. 4. – 16. 4. 2023 (Thursday afternoon – Sunday noon)
  2. Prague, 15. 6. – 18. 6. 2023 (Thursday afternoon – Sunday noon)
  3. Plzeň, 5. 10. – 8. 10. 2023 (Thursday afternoon – Sunday noon)

Who are the participants?

  • Czechs and Germans with open mindset in the age of 25-40 with varying professional backgrounds (from the fields of academia, business, media, politics, public administration and NGOs)
  • Selected 12-14 young professionals for one programme year become Alumni after full attendance of the three program units

Who can apply?

Young professionals with at least 3 years’ work experience from the Czech Republic and Germany with strong interest in cross-sector and cross-border cooperation, who speak fluent English.

How to apply?

To apply go to and fill in the application form by March 1, 2023

Please enclose:

1) Cover letter in English (2 pages max.) 

2) CV in English (in tabular form)

In case of your acceptance, we charge a one-time participation fee of 245 EUR. We cover your program arrangement, travel expenses, accommodation, and board. You are expected to attend all program component units in full. In justified cases (e.g., employees in non-profit organizations) the participation fee may be reduced. In this case, please contact us by email.

Why is it worth it?

Watch here!

Who are the contact persons?

  • For Czech candidates: Michael Murad,, Tel.: +420 721 823 366
  • For German candidates: Khrystyna Miftakhov,, +49 (0)30 89 59 51 17

Who are the organizers?

Czech Association for International Affairs (AMO)

German European Academy Berlin