Between Thursday September 15 and Friday September 19, participants discussed with (not only) local experts on topical issues such as energy security or a divided society. Due to the proximity of Liberec to the border, participants took a guided tour of the city focusing on the Czech-German history of the area. The seminar ended at Ještěd, where participants evaluated the workshops and the interconnection with this year’s topic – resilience.

For the first public debate, two guests joined the group in Fryč Bookshop and Antiquarian Bookshop in the centre of Liberec. Zuzana Lizcová hosted a discussion held by Anna Kšírová from Parents for Climate Liberec and Martin Jirušek from Masaryk University Brno on the topic of the cross-border cooperation as an opportunity for the energy security of the EU. Both guests and participants defined crucial problems in energy issues after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and also with regard to tackling climate change.

The opening debate was followed by a workshop on Friday, where Martin Jirušek presented in detail the geopolitical context of the current energy crisis and the expectations associated with the approaching winter. Bohumil Kartous, another invited guest, focused on the education system as one of the tools to strengthen resilience at the societal level. We also focused on the work of journalists, which was highlighted by Jeremy Drucker (Transitions). The day’s programme ended with a tour of Liberec focusing on its rich Czech-German history and architecture.

On Saturday, the participants took part in an improvisation workshop, where they had to deal with a number of unusual situations. With Martin Falář, they then discussed the Health Clowns, who try to liven up the hospital stay of young patients. Another guest was Jan Polák from the #wemustact! initiative, who spoke about corporate social responsibility in times of crisis.

The program of the thirteenth year of the annual Czech German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) ended on Sunday morning when participants presented their feedback at Ještěd. As long as the program’s important role is in networking, Michael Murad, Václav Bacovský and Zuzana Lizcová from the organisational team presented various opportunities for further meetings across the Czech Republic and Germany.

We are very pleased that in 2022 the programme has managed to bring together a great group of 14 participants to enrich the existing network of 150 alumni. Similarly, this year, we were able to offer participants engaging speakers at all three seminars in Berlin, Prague and Liberec who looked at the topic of the year of building a resilient society from different perspectives. As one participant summed up his participation: „The program was really well organized and the team put a lot of effort in it. I appreciate the variety of methods, well-selected speakers and participants. I would recommend everybody to apply for the next CGYPP.

We would like to thank the Eurocentre Liberec and Fryč Bookshop and Antiquarian Bookshop for their contribution to the success of the seminar.

The program is initiated and financed by the Czech-German Fund for the Future. Seminar was organised with the support of the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, too.