Due to the current circumstances we have to announce some changes in the Czech-German Young Professionals Program 2020 schedule. In the current situation, it is neither possible to address possible speakers, nor to plan and carry out any group seminars. The outlook for traveling between the Czech Republic and Germany in the following weeks is still not 100 % predictable. Since recovery to normal life is still quite slow, we were unfortunately forced to reschedule the originally planned dates of the upcoming CGYPP 2020 seminars.

The June seminar is now moved to September, to the date when the originally planned cross-border seminar was scheduled. Instead of Regensburg, we will launch second seminar in September in Prague. We will meet this program year participants on September 23 (Wednesday) afternoon. The whole seminar will take place on September 23-27, 2020. More detailed program will be introduced during the summer, but we count with public event, which will take place on September 24.

The cross-border seminar (in Regensburg and Plzeň) will then take place in November 11-15, 2020 (Wednesday afternoon – Sunday noon). Both seminars will be one day longer to compensate as much as possible for the lost program days in March in Berlin. Public event will be hopefully part of the seminar as well.

The Czech-German Young Professionals Program is initiated and financed by the Czech-German Fund for the Future.